J. W. Double Classic

J. W. Double Classic  Analog Alien - PEDALDIG (エフェクターレンタル)

Analog Alien

通常価格 ¥35,790 セール価格 ¥31,122

電源 9Vアダプター(電池使用不可)
付属品 9vアダプター

http://www.analogalien.com/joe-walsh-... "We are honored to collaborate with Joe Walsh to release his first ever signature multi-effects stompbox in his near 50-year career: The Joe Walsh Double Classic. The Joe Walsh Double Classic, or JWDC for short, is a dual effects pedal that we designed specifically for Joe Walsh. This unique, one of a kind pedal, combines two essential circuits (Compressor & Classic Amp), which Joe uses in both live performances and studio recordings. 
The Compressor in the JWDC allows you to control the dynamic range of your instrument. Unlike most stomp box compressors, the compressor in the JWDC has a very natural and musical sound – much like professional rack mounted compressors found in professional studios. 
The Classic Amp was designed to simulate the classic tube amps that Joe has used over the years. The sound of these vintage amps is legendary and can be heard on countless recordings that Joe has made through out his career. The controls on a classic tube amp were designed to be simple and straight-forward and the same is true for the Classic Amp.

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