Abunai 2

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Power supply 9V adapter, 9V battery
accessories None


Major features

Abunai 2 is modified based on the classic overdrive pedal. It is a pedal that allows different drive of characters to be used properly by 3-way switch.

The 3-way clipping section is
  • On the left side (symmetrical), compared with other sections "Amp sound like" you get the most gain and compression "
  • On the right side (asymmetric), output is boosted and classic overdrive sound,
  • In the middle (off), the diodes used for distortion are turned off on the left and right, the sound is amplified straight (3 way most output up) in range
  • Has become.
    By the way, "Abunai" is said to be the name of a dog keeping it.

    Abunai 2